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The Garden House is a small-scale flower farm and outdoor event venue.

In the 1840's a large house was constructed on the corner of Falls Road and 37th Street (at the time, 4th Avenue). The farm stretched to Roland Avenue. In 1920, the heir of the property announced his wishes to demolish the home in order to construct a commercial block along Falls Road. His mother gave him the permission- with one stipulation- spare the kitchen.

During the depression the kitchen and dining room became a small cottage. When we began restoring the space in Autumn 2015 we were fortunate to hear neighbors recall fond memories of the little house and garden. They mentioned chickens and even a pig roaming around the property at different points in it's long history.

The project began as a collaboration between B.Willow and Church & Company, who plan to install a floral workshop space that can be used for private and public events, and a private staging room for couples in the little house. The approximately 1/4 acre of land that surrounds it will be used as a small-scale flower farm, as well as English-style gardens, wooded paths, and future plans for a market-stand. 

Our mission is to combine urban small-scale flower farming with outdoor events, both public and private, and to collaborate with creative individuals to create accessible, functional, and community-driven programming to transform the way we see and interact with outdoor spaces in the city. 



1128 West 37 Street
Baltimore, MD, 21211


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Our Plans for The Garden House and its Grounds

Our goal is to combine functional flower farming with landscaped gardens, including an open lawn, fire pit, market stand, shaded paths with unique fixtures, decorative elements throughout the grounds, and more, The little house will serve as our workshop and studios, as well as staging areas for photoshoots and weddings, and will feature a restroom that is available to guests.

This site map outlines our plans for the 2017-2018 growing seasons.

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